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Before spending triple on a PCR Test, use our Antibody test which is not only less expensive, but much less irritating than PCR Nasal Swab testing.  

Clinically Validated COVID-19 rapid result blood test. Results in 10 minutes.  Intended for testing individuals showing symptoms of COVID-19.

Acute Infection Antibody Test (IgM)

1) Determines COVID-19 infection.
*Patient with positive result recommended for quarantine

Evidence of Previous Infection – Further Observation Required (IgG)
IgG Detects presence of antibodies to determine if patient has sufficiently recovered from COVID-19 Infection.

IgM/IgG Results:
Sensitivity: 96.9%
Specificity: 96.3%
Accuracy: 96.4%
Confidence Level: 95%

*Note: Accuracy requirement for a test of this type is 92%

Easy to administer fingerpick blood test – one drop of blood.  Same test recommended by Dr. Deborah Brix of COVID-19 Taskforce.   Easy to interpret results. Used worldwide and is the exact COVID-19 test used in NYC during the pandemic.  *Designed to allow for mass testing.

.*Available now in bulk orders. Volume Discounts start at 100,000.

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This COVID-19 test detects both the IgM, acute phase antibodies which are present right before the patient becomes symptomatic and they begin tapering off at around 7 days with COV-19 and the IgG phase antibodies, which are the secondary phase antibodies whose concentrations become clinically measurable around 7 days and are generally considered to be indicative of a patient’s immune status. With COV-19, IgG antibodies will be present was exposed but regardless of whether a patient has been symptomatic or not.

This is essential for companies wanting to get a healthy workforce back to work and prevent situations where one person could infect others.

Featured COVID-19 Antibody Test Kits

IgM/IgG Dual Test

This IgM/IgG dual test is a 10-minute antibody test that determines acute infection of COVID-19 virus.  Additionally, this determines if the patient has sufficiently recovered from the infection.

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Minimum Order Quantities: 

Minimum order quantity: 25 test kits (one case)

Ordering from us is easy because we don’t require bulk purchases when you order.  You can start out with a single case which contains 25 test kits.  Each kit contains everything you need to perform the test.  A test cartridge, Pipette, Lance, Alcohol wipe, and buffer solution.  In 10-minutes or less, you have results.


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